Gardasil Hazardous Compounds

                  -Sodium Borate  (rat poison active ingredient) 
(detergent linked to cancer and infertility in animals)

Aluminum Adjuvants
(autoimmune disease link, nerve toxin)

The Viewing Room 

Independent Vaccine ExposÚs

Barbara Loe Fisher from (Not-for-Profit) National Vaccine Information Center presents info video on Gardasil highlighting underreporting of adverse effects on victims.

FDA Clinical Trials result: Gardasil can increase Cervical Cancer risk (by 45%) for subjects with existing HPV infection (covered 5min into video). 

Jenny Thompson from (Not-for-Profit)  Health Sciences Institute records warning video on Gardasil.

Gary Null Speaking Out at NYS Assembly Hearing | 10-13-2009 |
(part 1 of 3) (part 2 of 3)  (part 2 of 3)

Gardasil Primer: Doctors & vaccine injured families speak out.

Alex Jones analyses CBS report on Gardasil victims (Feb 2009)

Comprehensive Presentation on the dangers of the HPV Vaccines to FDA by Global Parental Concerns.  

Professor Russell Blaylock presentation: vaccines and brain development.

Whistleblower Exposes The HPV Vaccine Industry (US radio interview).

Documentary film Vaccine Nation (Gardasil discussed at 6.30min in part 2 of 9).
Award-winning investigative film director Dr. Gary Null (Ph.D.) challenges the basic health claims by government health agencies and pharmaceutical firms that vaccines are perfectly safe. 

Gary Null testifying before New York State Assembly Hearing on Vaccination 10.13.09.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 .

Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda
David Ayoub, M.D.

Chronic Diseases: Who's killing us, and how?
Whistleblower Garth Nicolson, PhD, Nobel Prize nominee, President, Chief Scientific Officer and Research Professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine in Huntington Beach, California.

Can vaccines cause chronic illnesses?
Dr. Garth Nicholson, microbiologist and director of the Institute for Molecular Medicine, says yes.

Vaccines - True weapons of Mass Destruction
Speaker Dr. Rebecca Carley (former trauma surgeon) who lost her medical license for speaking out on Vaccine dangers

The Gardasil Hoax
Documentary from

The Irish Question - Victim Prediction
Short ComeLook.Org Trailer from Grace Philby

Dr David Clark, Chiropractic Neurologist - Unmissable overview of the HPV vaccine dillemma:
"HPV Vaccine Damage Is the New Autism".
Dr David Clark, Chiropractic Neurologist, reviews a The Journal of Child Neurology study.
Dr David Clark, Chiropractic Neurologist, explains how vaccines cause AutoImmune conditions

Documentary featuring 3 professors of medicine expressing grave concerns about the Norwegian meningococcal vaccine administered to 13-15 yrs and alleged cover-up of adverse reactions.

GroupThink Experiments

Asch Conformity Experiment
Classic experiment showing behaviour under pressure of social force

1970s 'bystander effect'/'diffusion-of-responsibility' experiment by Latane and Darley
Classic experiment showing how the inaction of other people can have an inhibiting influence on our behaviour and even make us put our own life at risk.
Amusing Groupthink experiment

Milgram's Obedience to Authority Experiment

How easy is it to miss things that are right in front of us when we're not looking out for them? 
How illusions and distorted beliefs lead us astray every day.

Jonestown - A more disturbing example of GroupThink:  Part 1, Part 2 , 
A CIA mind control experiment ?

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy talks about how she cured her son from Autism created by unsafe vaccinations

Autism Debate with Jenny McCarthy on The Doctors is the only website dedicated to raising Gardisil danger awareness in Ireland. Please read disclaimer. 


Video Introduction

Crash Course in History of Gardasil

Meet "The Gardasil Girls"

A not so exclusive club..

"Catalog of Horrors"

The FDA 'Vaccine adverse event report' (VAERS) on Gardasil.