Gardasil Hazardous Compounds

                  -Sodium Borate  (rat poison active ingredient) 
(detergent linked to cancer and infertility in animals)

Aluminum Adjuvants
(autoimmune disease link, nerve toxin)

Senators Challenged to live their Slogan and     "Let in the Light" (on HPV Mass Vaccination).

Martin Healy,, Updated 19 August 2010

I feel obliged to put this challenge to you in light of your recent "Let in the Light" campaign. This document reveals how the authors of the HIQA 'Expert Group' Report on HPV Mass Vaccination have cynically misrepresented their results in order to exaggerate the perceived effectiveness of the vaccination.

I am writing to you all regarding Seanad Motion of 13 November, 2008 to which you all
put your name:
‘‘That Seanad Eireann noting:
The findings of the Health Information and Quality Authority whereby the
introduction of the HPV cervical cancer vaccination programme could see a 34 per cent
reduction in pre-cancers, a 56 per cent reduction in cervical cancer and a 56 per cent
reduction in deaths from cervical cancer; condemns the decision of the Minister for
Health and Children to abandon this programme as short-sighted and unjustifiable, and
calls on the Minister for Health and Children to immediately reverse her decision.’’

I must point out that the quoted "% reduction" figures above result from the effect of both cervical screening PLUS vaccination - not the vaccination program alone.
If you read the report itself, the "Foreword" on the first page states: 
"The purpose of this assessment was to establish the cost-effectiveness of a combined national HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening programme compared to a cervical cancer screening programme alone.."
And this is indeed the scenario they use in the base case model: 
Section (4.2.3): 'Data Inputs' :
Vaccine coverage of 80% was included in the base case analysis...In all cases it was assumed that the vaccine would be combined with a screening programme, the aim of which is to cover 80% of the population aged 25 to 60 years.
with accompanying Table 12 showing:
Summary of key parameters included in the base case:

80% screened every 3 yrs, 25-44 yrs
80% screened every 5 yrs, 45-60 yrs.

However, the authors of the HIQA Report clearly misrepresent the figures in the results section [Section 4.3.2, p.44 ] to exaggerate the effectiveness of the vaccination - thus allowing the misleading Seanad motion wording (which was based on this same 'Results' section).
Please read this article that breaks down the deception:
"Insanity Check: Discrediting Bogus Irish Government HPV Vaccine "Expert Group" Report".

Even Dr James Reilly TD seems not to trust the figures in this report when you examine the evasive phraseology and awkward wording of his speech in the Dail  (which was based on the suspect figures from same report).

Note that no one from the National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics (NCPE) ventured to put their name to this report, even though this was the body that actually carried out the assessment (being commissioned on behalf of the HIQA to do so).   [Indeed, at least one of the NCPE chief researchers was seen to join a crusading Facebook Group with the title "Harney must reinstate cervical cancer vaccine" which organised candlelit vigils in Dublin and Cork in late 2008].
Why is this important?  To answer that question I would like to invite you to take 10 minutes to view this page and then perhaps rethink your position on the use of Gardasil (the HPV Vaccine which will be used in the upcoming Mass Vaccination).

You can also check out the latest Gardasil victim stats as recorded in the US FDA tracking system (VAERs) to use as a predictor of number of victims in Ireland - just follow the instructions here .

How else can we predict the number of 'serious adverse reactions' we are likely to see in Ireland?  One might look at the experience of New Zealand, a country of similar population which introduced HPV vaccination by Gardasil in Sep 2008. 
In November 2006, the NZ Ministry of Health decided not to fund the vaccine, citing insufficient information about its long-term efficacy, safety and costeffectiveness.  However, as in Ireland, the decision was reversed (after an orchestrated PR campaign), and starting in 2009, a free national Gardasil vaccinations program for girls aged 12–13 years was introduced. 
Last year a NZ mother went public on her daughter's Gardasil-related death.
Other NZ girls are speaking out about debilitating affects they now suffer from. 
80 schools have refused to take part in this national vaccination program in New Zealand.

Some of you might argue that the Vaccine benefits outweigh the risk.
However, if we were to take the most optimistic vaccine optimistic scenario with protection from vaccine lasting for full lifetime, then, with the average age of girls getting vaccinated annually being 12, and the age of death at 56 (current average age of mortality for Irish cervival cancer victims), then we can calculate that vaccination will not have any effect on preventing deaths till after 2054.
But if you want to know how statistically likely it is that a cervical cancer death may be prevented solely due to the effect of the new annual HPV mass vaccination campaign - then check out the analysis here.    The answer is extremely unlikely indeed..[this is why the HIQA report had to lie about it's figures].  This conclusion is based on an admission from the professor who supervised the vaccine clinical trials, that we should not expect the vaccine to protect for more than 10 years.

The standard responses from politicians & medical experts usually is "approved by relevent regulatory agencies etc..".  However the Merck sponsored (Pharma company)  clinical trials were wholly misleading (for example they did not even use a real placaebo) and the Head of the Regulatory Agency that approved Gardasil  (i.e the CDC in US) is now president of Merck Vaccines (the same company that applied for this HPV Vaccine licence ).

In Ireland, no serving politician will even acknowledge that this vaccine may not necessarily be a good thing.  Kathy Sinnott, Ex-Member of the European Parliament for Ireland South did however send a letter to the Sunday Tribune newspaper in Nov 2008 raising questions about it's safety.

In closing, I respectfully request that you
- Move to nullify the original misleading Seanad motion quoted above  
- Request the HIQA to withdraw their original inaccurate report and issue a newly
revised copy with corrected statistics. 
- Request the HSE to suspend the Mass Vaccination campaign in light of the new
information I have presented here on vaccine ineffectiveness and safety issues
(for a review of the toxic ingredients see here).

Note that Ireland would not be the first country to ban Gardasil .

I feel obliged to put this challenge to you in light of your recently launched "Let in the Light" campaign:
" The campaign by Fine Gael to bring accountability, communication and transparency (ACT) to our child care and protection services.  Fine Gael is committed to challenging the status quo and believes that we must ACT now to ensure children at risk are given the protection to which they are entitled".

I wrote to the Minister Harney's office over a month ago highlighting the above information but as yet have not received any response.

One final point - I find it ironic to see an interview appearing today on Fine Gael's website with Fidelma Healy Eames declaring "10% failure in pass maths a source of national embarrassment". 
I would have thought it apparent to those of you with Leaving Cert Pass Maths that a 56% reduction in mortality solely attributed to this vaccine was a little unrealistic - considering that in future the cervical screening program will be preventing 95% of possible cancer cases for up to 80% of the female population.  [Note that current medical advice is for vaccinated women to still to get screened regularly due to the 'limitations' of vaccine effectiveness]. 

Kind Regards,

Justin Healy,
Co. Louth.

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