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                  -Sodium Borate  (rat poison active ingredient) 
(detergent linked to cancer and infertility in animals)

Aluminum Adjuvants
(autoimmune disease link, nerve toxin)

Women & Children First -                                          Politician rediscovers Chivalry in Gardasil Debate., 10 September 2010

Although it's very unusual for an ambitious politician to tell a potential voter to not communicate with him ("not to waste politicianís time"), in Ireland at least, highlighting the "not appropriate" subject of vaccine safety can provoke such a response.
When a campaigner wrote two short emails to a Wexford local politician in late 2008 raising concerns about
the HPV vaccine Gardasil and suggesting he do some research into the associated side effects, the local
politician's response was "Please refrain from sending me any further misinformed and unrequested junk

Mairead Hilliard, of Irish Vaccine Informed Parents, wrote to Counciller Joe Ryan (now Mayor of Wexford, pop 18000), after she noticed that he had joined an online Facebook group campaigning for reinstatement of the cervical cancer mass vaccination program in Ireland.

She informed him that one of her own children was damaged by a vaccine and that she believed parents
should first be given the vaccine manufacturer's leaflet to read before giving their consent: "You cannot
expect parents to play russian roulette with the health of a 12 year old child" she concluded.
Mayor Ryan replied saying: "It is an outrageous insult to suggest that a parent who wants to protect their
child plays roulette of whatever type.  It is precisely to take the risk out of my daughter's [lives] that I want
them to receive a vaccination, which would not have been offered to parents in 2008 unless it had been
approved beforehand by the HSE and the Irish Medicines Board. Please refrain from sending me any further
misinformed and unrequested junk spam."

In a subsequent article in the Sunday Tribune  on the above-mentioned Facebook group named "(Minister)
Harney must reinstate cervical cancer vaccine" (which eventually counted over 19000 members), Mayor
Ryan's email comments were published in relation to the censorship of Ms Hilliard from the group for going
"Off Topic" (by posting comments disagreeing with the stated objective of the group) .
After the article came out Mayor Ryan appeared on a local radio station to defend his position:
"(She) accused me effectively of playing Russian Roulette with my children's health. As a parent that's a very
insulting thing to say to anyone. I decided the nature of her contact was'nt appropriate...Miss Hilliard is
opposed to the vaccine, I don't see what the point was in debating the matter with her..I've concluded that
the organisaton effectively is spreading misinformation and that they have an agenda at undermining
confidence in vaccines.."

Fortunately for us, Mayor Ryan's has decided to counteract the spread of such misinformation by taking it
upon himself to reveal the true science and statistics behind the HPV Vaccine, via a self-penned article on his personal website.   A qualified Science teacher himself, he is scornful of claims coming from those less
qualified to comment on the subject:  "What has the world come to that Iím  expected to indulge someone
who peddles bad science..".

Although he declines to offer us any specific examples of such misinformation, in his introduction to the subject of cervical cancer in Ireland he offers the following 'facts' in relation to the HPV Vaccine:
1) "Approximately 200 women die each year from the condition in the Republic of Ireland"
2)"The occurence of cervical cancer is set to rise by 1.5% per year so when my daughters are in their middle
age it may well have doubled".
3) He also noted that "It is unusual to vaccinate against a cancer and thatís because in the case of cervical
cancer about 66% of cases are caused by a virus HPV".

At the risk of provoking more derision from Mayor Ryan, but in the interests of objective reporting, we should
point out that his figures seriously conflict with the official statistics.  We address the three above:
1) The latest available figure for cervical cancer mortality in Ireland is 81 deaths in 2007 .
- In his radio interview Ryan also claims it is the 5th most common cancer for women in Ireland - our research shows it is the 9th most common .  
2) After the introduction of a free cervical cancer screening program in 2008, for which up to 80% of women will be covered, and with a 95% detection rate, the incidence of cervical cancer will now fall dramatically.
When Ryan's daughters are in middle age, this will be an extremely rare disease due to the effect of the screening program alone (Eg In Finland, mortality rates have dropped by 80 percent over the last four decades ).
3) Irish Health Information and Quality Authority:  "Infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV) is the main
cause of cervical cancer, without which cervical cancer does not arise". Therefore close to 100% of cervical
cancer cases are associated with the HPV virus [the 66% figure comes from the vaccine effectiveness which
only targets 2 of the 100 or so HPV virus types).

Unfortunately, in his haste to set the record straight against those individuals peddling official figures, Mayor
Ryan has apparently fallen on his own sword of bad science and misinformation.
What has the world come to indeed..

But getting back to the initial controversy above, vis-Š-vis the 'roulette' scenario which Mayor Ryan finds so objectionable - let us try to represent the two sides of the argument: 
A) There is absolutely no risk of a serious reaction to the HPV vaccine - parents would never allow their children to be vaccinated if this was not the case, and it is an outrageous insult  to suggest otherwise.
B) There is some risk of a serious adverse reaction and therefore to some degree the 'Roulette'
analogy applies.
Despite a current rate of 4.2 deaths (@ average age 56) per 100,000 fe males each year (and rapidly declining), in Mayor Ryan's mind, not having the vaccine invites the "sheer certainty" of cervical cancer..
"I would rather see the risk of a violent reaction to a vaccine rather than having the sheer certainty and the awful tragedy that's unfolding .. " he admits when pressed on the possibility of serious reactions in the above radio interview.
At the risk of outrageous insult, it seems to me that Mayor Ryan has essentially conceded the 'roulette' analogy with this last statement.   And as the HPV Gardasil Mass Vaccination program rolls out in Ireland in September 2010, it's a case of 'women and children first' - for them the noble Mayor would rather "see the risk" than 'take' it himself.

Joe Ryan speaking at the Annual Labour Party Conference

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