Gardasil Hazardous Compounds

                  -Sodium Borate  (rat poison active ingredient) 
(detergent linked to cancer and infertility in animals)

Aluminum Adjuvants
(autoimmune disease link, nerve toxin)

Serious Adverse Reactions:                                   The Uncooked Raw Data., 06 Jun 2010

Can we trust the co-inventor of the HPV vaccine (Dr Frazer) when he says there is only a '1 in a million' chance of someone needing 'treatment' as a result of a Gardasil serious adverse reaction? [speaking on Irish radio (forward to 1:09:40 )].
If  his claims are true then how can the US 'National Vaccine Information Center' ( NVIC) list almost 600 cases from the US alone where victims have been left 'disabled' by the HPV vaccine?
The source of this collated NVIC figure is the
VAERS site:   
The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a national vaccine safety surveillance program co-sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (
CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA).   

After Gardasil was approved (8 Jun 2006), it took almost a year before the FDA made these post-marketing Adverse Events Reports available to the public, and only after a Freedom of Information request by Judicial Watch

I should point out that this raw data source does have it's limitations - as the VAERs site itself documents:
"Underreporting" is one of the main limitations of passive surveillance systems, including VAERS. The term, underreporting refers to the fact that VAERS receives reports for only a small fraction of actual adverse events.

So for the skeptical information-seeker who prefers a first-hand source to second-hand information, then, here are instructions on how to access the raw data for yourself (with random example): 
  - Go to
  - Hit the 'I accept' button to continue to the data page.

Vaers site

  - First open the file from the "VAERS Vaccine" column (year 2010).
   Scroll down the VAX_NAME column in the excel sheet till you find a "HPV (GARDASIL)" case (there are many) and then make a note of the  corresponding VAERS_ID. 
    The first entry I chose had Vaers ID = 375681.
  - Now go back to the main VAERS data page  and open the excel file from "VAERS Data" column  (year 2010).  Do a 'find' ('Ctrl F') on  the VAERS_ID column for '375681':
    Then you can read the related report (see example at end of article),

For those inclined to interpret the evidence a certain way, I should warn you of another 'VAERS Limitation' as documented on the government CDC site:
A major limitation of VAERS data is that there is no proven causal association between the vaccine and the adverse event. The only association is in time, meaning that the adverse event occurred sometime after vaccination. Therefore, we cannot conclude that the events reported to VAERS were caused by the vaccine.
So, according to this CDC statement, Dr. Frazer (HPV Co-inventor) is actually being generous with his 'one in a million' admission.  He is perfectly entitled to claim that there has not been any proven association between the vaccine and any serious adverse event whatsoever (other than coincidence).

Independent researchers report that systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host's immune ‘system’ by repeated immunization - meaning a hyper-activated immune system starts attacking the 'host' cells (i.e it mistakes the bodies own normal healthy cells as foreign invaders).  Therefore, because the effect is 'indirect', vaccine makers (and their supporters in the regulatory agencies  such as the CDC & FDA) can claim there is no physical evidence that the vaccine directly caused the destructive behaviour of the immune system (no matter how close to vaccination the symptoms were first reported). 
This is the premise on which the Irish Health service issues it'd recommendation that Gardasil is 'safe'.

Some people have been known to go into anaphylactic shock after being stung by a wasp (or eating peanuts).  I know it's only coincidence and a 'causal association' cannot be proved, but sometimes I wonder... 

And as for the example VAERS report I chose at random above (ID = '375681'):  
A 13 year old female from Ilinois was reported on 3 Jan 2010 with the following symptoms:
"Susanne was treated at Centegra hospital in McHenry on the following dates: 5/7/07, 5/9/07, 10/26/07, 12/09/07, 02/05/08, 03/12/08, 04/16/08, 04/17/08, 05/08/08, 10/19/08, 11/18/08/04/01/09, 05/18/09, 05/27/09, 05/28/09 through 5/31/09, 09/03/09 9/17/09, 09/20/09, 09/23/09, 10/19/09, 10/23/09, 10/26/09 through 10/28/09, 11/17/09, 11/23/09, 11/24/09,  12/14/09, and 12/25/09 for medical issues relating to adverse reaction to the Gardisil vaccine.  She was also treated at Mercy Healthcare of Crystal Lake, McHenry, Woodstock, and Harvard by multiple physicians on the following dates: 04/17/07, 05/16/07, 06/29/07, 10/08/08, 10/15/08, 11/13/08, 01/28/09, 02/11/09, 04/02/09, 05/12/09, 05/28/09, 06/02/09, 06/10/09, 07/02/09, 07/28/09, 08/12/09, 09/14/09, 09/21/09, 09/25/09 by two separate physicians, 10/09/09, 10/12/09, 10/19/09, 11/09/09, 11/16/09, 11/17/09, 11/23/09, 11/30/09, 12/02/09, 12/11/09, 12/14/09, and 01/01/10.  Susanne was seen and treated for the following ongoing medical issues:  Fibromyalgia, environmental allergic reactions, hoarseness, coughing, shortness of breath, difficulty/pain when swallowing, continued throat pain, dizziness, repeated severe headaches, light headed, chills, overheated, excessive night sweating, lathargic, sleeping for entire day without waking rested, confusion/short term memory issues, seizures, sharp chest pains, racing heart, muscle/joint aches, hives on trunk/arms/shoulders, ringing in ears, severe depression, twisted/spastic colon, acid reflux, heartburn, weight gain. 1/4/2010 GI consult records for 9/14/2009, patient with chronic but progressively worse abdominal pain of ? etiology, increased fatigue, non-specific chest pain, change in bowel movements, alternating constipation and diarrhea, cold sweats and SOB with exertion, weakness with sensation of knees giving away".

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