Gardasil Hazardous Compounds

                  -Sodium Borate  (rat poison active ingredient) 
(detergent linked to cancer and infertility in animals)

Aluminum Adjuvants
(autoimmune disease link, nerve toxin)

Irish Parents are being Denied the Right to Make a Fully Informed Choice About the Gardasil HPV Vaccine  

Mothers Alliance of Ireland, October 6, 2010

All vaccines should be:

            (1)  SAFE   (2)  EFFECTIVE  (3)  NECESSARY  and  (4) AFFORDABLE.

Is Gardasil Safe? The HSE says it is, but experience is proving the opposite.  Scientific reports of adverse reactions resulting in blindness, paralysis and death are increasing.   The HSE is grossly negligent in saying that Gardasil is safe.

Is Gardasil effective? The HSE slogan says “I am protected NOW for the FUTURE”.  A great sales-pitch, but that’s all it is.  Lead scientist, Dr. Diane Harper is at pains to point out that as things stand at present, no cancers are prevented. Minister Mary Harney has confirmed what Dr. Harper has indicated.  Irish parents and their daughters are being seriously misled by this HSE sales-pitch.

Is Gardasil necessary? Absolutely not.  Once again the scientific facts reveal that with the advent of cancer screening, the incidence of HPV related cervical cancer has greatly declined (by a massive 75% in places).   Ireland now has a national screening programme available and we can expect at least a similar decline here

Is Gardasil affordable? In these recessionary times, Ireland cannot afford to waste millions of valuable euro on a public health experiment that is not proven to be safe, effective or even necessary.   There has been enough wastage by the HSE of taxpayers’ hard-earned money.  We don’t need further wastage.

Is Gardasil dangerous? The answer is undeniably YES in many instances.  The following important questions and advice for parents should be included in consent literature.  It is not included in the HSE literature:

  1. Has your child been checked out for an allergic reaction to any of the vaccine ingredients? If not, you are advised to refuse consent until tests have been carried out.
  2. Has your child been tested for presence of any HPV strain? If HPV strains 16 or 18 is present in your child, then there is a 44.6% increased risk of your child developing cervical cancer if the vaccine is administrated. HPV strains 16 and 18 are the “high risk” strains associated with cervical cancer. If your child has not been tested for HPV, then you are advised to withhold consent until tests have been carried out.
  3. Could your child be one of the 32% who are immune to the vaccine? In clinical trials, one-third (32%) of participants were found to have no immunity to strain 18 of the HPV after 24 months. If your child is one of the 32%, please be aware that this vaccine does not do what it claims to do and therefore the risks certainly outweigh any benefit that may be obtained by vaccination.
  4. Are you and your child aware that almost 19,000 adverse reactions to this vaccine, including 78 deaths and serious brain damage, have been reported in US. The number reported is just the “tip of the iceberg”, according to experts.

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