Gardasil Hazardous Compounds

                  -Sodium Borate  (rat poison active ingredient) 
(detergent linked to cancer and infertility in animals)

Aluminum Adjuvants
(autoimmune disease link, nerve toxin)

Dr James Reilly TD challenged to take his own Medicine., 4 July 2010

"The greatest negligence occurs when you know the danger and you fail to provide the protection against it".
Dr James Reilly TD, Speech on Cancellation of Cervical Cancer Vaccination before Dail, 12 Nov 2008.

Subject: Dispelling parental fears on HPV Vaccination
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2010

Dear Dr James Reilly TD,
I congratulate you on the success of your intensive lobbying efforts to introduce a free mass vaccination program (with Gardasil) for all 12 year old girls.  There is still some apprehension among parents however regarding the safety of this vaccine, as highlighted by organisations such as 
In Ireland we have had only 10 Gardasil Adverse reactions reported up to now, however that is still significent compared to the low uptake by the public.  As you know, the second round of injections from the pilot
vaccination program is set to commence in 2 weeks and statistically, this is when the more serious reactions start to appear (
I feel it would be helpful in dispelling parental fears if you could offer to take a course of Gardasil injections yourself (dose adjusted for bodyweight), in a public setting (eg on television).   I estimate that you would require 9 injections in total - based on the ratio of your bodyweight to that of a typical 12 year old girl. 
If you wish to use this exercise to try to develop some form of HPV immunity, then the scheduled dose would be 3 injections at the recommended intervals of 0, 2 and 6 months. Or if you simply wish to use this opportunity to demonstrate safety, then you could possibly take all 9 injections at one time.
In your speech to the Dail (12 Nov 2008) advocating for HPV Mass Vaccination you concluded by urging deputies that "Tonight is the night for walking the walk".
Perhaps now you can set an example to these same deputies and demonstrate exactly what you mean by this.


Who is James Reilly?
The controversial populist opposition politician Dr James Reilly is best known for his vigorous efforts in persuading the Minister of Health to introduce Mass HPV Vaccination among Irish schoolgirls.  
Indeed, having found himself standing at "a moral crossroads" on this issue,  the Irish Parliament was subjected to the kind of overblown sermonising on the subject that would embarrass even the most ardent pro-vaccine fundamentalist.   

"52 Women (each year) will not die..if the vaccine is brought in".
The basis for his repeated claims on the death-prevention power of the HPV vaccine is, as he describes  here himself:
" a document that I have quoted from numerous times myself, and that is, the Health Information and Quality Authorities Assessment of the Cost Benefit Analysis  of proceeding with this vaccine. It is worth repeating this is the Government's own Health Information and Quality Authority and they say very clearly that:  Out of 93 deaths per year - 52 Deaths will be averted; How can you ignore this stark clear advice from the Health Information Quality Authority ..."
Unfortunately for Dr Reilly, the report in question has since been discredited, see 'The debunking of Table 14' .  A classic example of junk science, a hypothetical exercise based on unsupported  speculation, this report blatantly misrepresents it's results and can in no way be classed as 'independent'.

"I could not let it rest"
In March 2009, after the government decided not to fund HPV Mass Vaccination,  Dr Reilly decided to press on with vaccination in his own constituency nevertheless - as explained in this self-penned IMT article: "As a politician, I could go no further. As a doctor, however, I could not let it rest there".
In a classic example of pragmatic symbiosis between a Pharmacutical company and opposition politician intent on pressurising and embarassing the government respectively, Dr Reilly negociated with Sanofi Pasteur to buy 600 doses of Gardasil: "They gave me a keen price".  He claims to have raised the funds together with 3 local businessmen by contributing 20% of his own salary. Thus he was able to organise the vaccination of 300 12-year-old girls. 
Dr. Reilly seen below vaccinating a young girl on page from his personal website.


However, for those that will go on to suffer post vaccine damage (see our victim prediction figures) , Dr Reilly has some words of consolation.  Speaking on the publication of a Vaccine Damage Steering Group Report (from Nov 2009) he remarked: "The most important thing is to attempt to remedy the damage which has been done and provide the support the person needs to live as normal a life as possible".  He even submitted a written question to the Minister for Health asking if she plans to implement the recommendations of this Report (ie compensating victims) - but we are unaware of any further follow-up representations made by him on this matter.

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