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Deconstructing an Irish Political Vaccination Debate  

ComeLook.Org, 14 July 2010 

Speech by Dr James Reilly TD on Dail debate on Cancellation of Cervical Cancer Vaccination, 12 Nov 2008.

ComeLook.Org commentary in green [note that the text of the original speech has since been removed from the Fine Gael website ]

A Ceann Comhairle, in the short time available to me to wind up this debate I want to thank all those who have participated, particularly those who have supported the Motion.

This is a highly emotive issue. We are at a moral crossroads , when we as a nation put fiscal rectitude and budgetary considerations ahead of the lives of our children, ahead of the lives of a future generation [begins by presenting a 'false choice' while trying to emotionalise what should be a rational argument to be judged on it's merits].

Be that as it may be I want to keep this factual [Important Caveat - he means 'HIQA facts'  ]:

This morning the Taoiseach told Enda Kenny that he was wrong when he said that 51 women would die from this illness if this vaccine didn't go ahead [although Kenny meant '51 per year' Reilly studiously avoids qualifying this number as a yearly figure all through the speech]. This is clearly not so. Enda Kenny quoted from a document that I have quoted from numerous times myself and that is the Health Information and Quality Authorities Assessment of the Cost Benefit Analysis of proceeding with this vaccine (the results of which are easily  discredited ) . It is worth repeating this is the Government's own Health Information and Quality Authority ( talking it up as an authoritative source) and they say very clearly that:

- Out of 10,774 pre cancers 3680 will be averted; [again no time horizon - 1 year? 10? 70?]

- Out of 200 cases of cervical cancer 111 cases will be averted; [ We are left to assume that it is an annual figure - but why deliberately omit saying it every time?]

- Out of 93 deaths per year - 52 Deaths will be averted; [still won't say that '52' is 'annual' but clearly implies that it is?]

- 52 Women will not die Taoiseach and Minister - if the vaccine is brought in. (52 deaths when?.. between now and the the 22st century?]

How can you ignore this stark clear advice (that sometime in the far and distant future over an infinite time horizon 52 people will die from not getting the vaccine?) from the Health Information Quality Authority which is supported in its conclusions by:

- The Marie Keating Foundation 
- The National Immunisation Board [ Irish gov authority which refers to WHO statements on Vaccine Safety]
- The World Health Organisation [
WHO scientific advisors collect kickbacks from vaccine manufacturers : ]
- The European Cervical Cancer Organisation [ Heavily funded by both HPV Vaccine companies]
- The Irish Family Planning Association [ Pro-Abortion Lobby group funded by and member of Planned Parenthood International and UNFPA (population control advocate org)]
- Well Women Centre [Center whichoffers crisis pregnancy counselling , emergency contraception , post-termination counselling. P artnered with GlaxoSmithKline as part of 'affordable access programme' to offer HPV vaccine to 12-year-old girls in Coolock clinic] to mention but a few.

The Taoiseach is rubbishing his own Health Information and Quality Authority's report [The reason Reilly won't tell 'annual' figures on cancer deaths prevented is because neither does the report..It simply offers meaningless numbers with no time period specified .. anyone who calculates the real impact of the mass-vax program (virtually nill) will understand the need for the contrived ambiguity and crude obfuscating methods employed].

Furthermore an attempt has been made to make this an argument of either screening or cervical cancer vaccination.

It never was, it still isn't, and it will never be a case of Cervical Cancer Screening versus Cervical Cancer vaccination. [Classic 'Strawman' tactic - offer a weak argument which you purport to come from your opponent, and which is easily dismissed.
The actual competing scenarios in this debate are
1) Cervical Cancer Screening ALONE  (approx 95% immediate protection for those who avail)
2) Cervical Cancer Screening PLUS Cervical Cancer vaccination (95% immediate protection + a theoretical chance (unproven) of an extra 3.5% protection in 30 years time due to vaccination with boosters every 10 years).

To rid ourselves of this scourge we must do both
[conveniently does not expand on this statement as we have just done above.
Note use of
emotive language - cervical cancer is an extremely rare disease in the general population].

The point was made this morning in this chamber by the Taoiseach that vaccination has never preceded screening in any other country.  But the answer to that is obvious, cervical screening has been available worldwide for 40 years, the vaccine has become available only in the last 2 years. [Another use of Straw Man argument to be used as a demonstration in sound logical reasoning as a lead in to a more suspect assertion..]
So it is the Taoiseach who is wrong when he says that 3,680 pre-cancers cannot be averted. [again careful not to use the 'annual' word - such evasiveness allows a more generous time horizon (eternity?) for such a figure to accumulate ...]

It is the Taoiseach who is wrong when he says that 111 Cancers cannot be avoided ["per year?" it so hard to say those two little words?].

It is the Taoiseach who is wrong when he says 51 Deaths cannot be averted, in fact the figure is 52.[the count is now up to 9 times when he has quoted an implied 'yearly' figure but deliberately omits to define it as such ].

The decision of this Government to deprive the women of Ireland the facility of cervical screening for the last 10 years during an economic boom is a serious indictment and demonstrates their lack of priority when it comes to women's health. [Leveraging a well founded screening argument to lead back into a vaccination argument with little merit].

Where else might this money be found within Health. HIQA have told us that this Vaccination Programme can be carried out for €9.7m and they say that the figure will be €6.9m when the cost savings in treatment are taken into consideration. This is before we count the savings to the economy in all the days lost at work as a result of this disease. The Minister is trying to tell us we cannot find €10m out of €16,000m in Health. I don't accept that [Decoding the obfuscation in the HIQA report we can only speculate that the figures they offer are for the total time horizon of the 'base model scenario' used for the assessment i.e 70 years. So 52 lives saved over 70 years @ €10m a year = > €700m/52 = €13.5m cost per each 'death prevented' ].

What of:

o The Bonuses for the HSE bosses;

o The Consultancy fees for PPARS;

o The €110million paid on legal fees over three years;

o The €300 odd million paid out on travel in the HSE over a three year period.

[or what of the €32,000 Reilly claimed from the taxpayer  over a period of 18 months for travel and subsistence in 07/08 despite having a home in Rush, just 18 miles from Dáil Éireann].

These are just some of the areas a less than lazy Minister would have looked to rather than going after the old, the disabled and now the young.

This is before we move outside Health to the €10million spent on Government Advisers, the €50million waste on e-voting that Noel Dempsey referred to as 'sure what's €50million in the overall scheme of things' (when challenged on it at the time).

So this is what it boils down to [prepare for more clichéd grandstanding theatrics below... we listen to a rollcall of Irish Patriots whose sacrifice, apparently, has now been in vain (in the context of allowing all these women to die, as per HIQA report figures).  One could argue that DeValera in particular, being a maths teacher, could after a quick calculation dismiss these HIQA figures as completely bogus and recognise the whole HPV Vaccination campaign as a cynical profit driven hoax].

A Government and its priorities;

A Society and its morals;

Is this the Island that Padraig Pearse died for?

Is this the Island that Michael Collins and Eamonn DeValera risked there lives for?

Is this the Ireland that our Grandfathers and Grandmothers died for?

An Ireland that leaves the weak behind and exposes our young unprotected to the future.

Even in famine times people did their best to help their neighbour.

So what has gone wrong with this Government that has allowed itself become so consumed by fiscal rectitude that everything else falls into second place?

Deputy McDaid has spoken strongly about this, about this death sentence which should be removed by Minister Harney. [Ironically the HIQA report  he quotes relentlessly from above also reports 3 deaths of young girls in US shortly after receiving the Vaccine (in first year of vaccine on the market).  The report also mentioned 2 deaths in Europe shortly after taking the Vaccine..yet strangely this is not worthy of mention].

I agree and I hope that he will follow through and be as good as his word in this Chamber tonight.

[Our statistically averaged calculations show that for every 56 year old who is 'saved' (starting from 2057) a 12 year will also die from a severe adverse reaction  (starting from 2015) - at a rate of one every 5 years, based on adverse reaction report statistics from VAERS system in US ].

I want to say to everybody on the far side of this Chamber tonight you will make a decision that will have repercussions for a generation and you will have to look into the eyes of your Daughter as she asks you why you didn't vote to protect her best friend [everyone on the far side of the chamber will most likely be dead by the time that time comes around , not before 2057 ] or maybe into the eyes of your Son whose wife wasn't protected from this illness [Cervical cancer deaths will be so rare in future because of the screening program, that this scenario is almost a statistical impossibility).

We all know that everybody in this house will protect their own family from this scourge [ the cancer or the vaccine ?] and Ceann Comhairle the irony is not lost on me of the Minister opening a facility in Cork earlier this week which has a Cancer Research Facility including Research into Cervical Cancer when the very fruit of that Research is here before us to be used and she declines to use it. [maybe they are looking for a vaccine that does'nt paralyse, debilitate or kill those it tries to save?]

We are at a defining moment yet again.

Just when you think the Government cannot sink any lower, it comes up with another own goal.

If you believe in equality, social inclusion and social justice, this should be a case of one for all and all for one .[in that case why have you not accepted our challenge to take the vaccine yourself?]

But if this Motion falls tonight then clearly it is the case that this Government believes in an "I'm all right Jack and the devil take the hind most" approach to our children of today and our women of tomorrow.

What about the legal risk of doing nothing?

The Government sought advice from HIQA and the National Immunisation Board-they approved the vaccine as cost effective and worthwhile to implement.

So the option of doing nothing is not tenable - the Government will have no excuse if they end up before a court at some time in the future and the judge asks why knowing the clear danger this protection was not afforded our children. The greatest negligence occurs when you know the danger and you fail to provide the protection against it. For example the Army Deafness Cases which cost this country many millions. [On the contrary, the US courts are now processing several suits against Gardasil manufacturer  Merck for marketing an unsafe vaccine].

Tonight is the night for walking the walk. So many times in the past in relation to Autism, Cystic Fibrosis and Medical Cards for over 70s for example, Government TDs have stood up in this Chamber and talked the talk only to vote against what they have just spoken for. Let tonight not be another one of those nights. [I wonder what caused Autism cases  to sky-rocket the last 20 years?]

Ta mna agus paisti na heireann ag feachaint orainn anocht. [Token few Irish language words]
Na liog iad sios.

Vote for this motion-vote for this generation of children because they are our future .[Assuming they don't end up sterilised by a vaccine which has'nt even been tested for such a side-effect despite containing a known animal sterilent ].


[The economy of factualness is quite brilliant at times despite the awkward phraseology of omission employed with it's half-finished sentences and broken syntax. 
His 'fallback position', which he is so careful to cultivate, remains intact throughout - he will now be able to claim truthfully that he never said this vaccine would save 52 lives a year (presumably, whenever political expediency requires such a statement). 

(1) Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth:
The Rules of Disinformation by H. Michael Sweeney

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