Gardasil Hazardous Compounds

                  -Sodium Borate  (rat poison active ingredient) 
(detergent linked to cancer and infertility in animals)

Aluminum Adjuvants
(autoimmune disease link, nerve toxin)

Fear Campaigns, Disease Mongering and a Futile Mass-Vax Exercise., 24 May 2010

"We know that Gardasil is an alum-based vaccine; we assume its efficacy will last for about 10 years".
In last week's article we tried to calculate the expected reduction in mortality specifically as a result of mass vaccination of all Irish 12 year olds with Gardasil. 
This exercise was necessary due to obfuscation by Irish health authorities when it comes to providing estimates for 'lives saved' by HPV vaccination alone (independent of screening). 
This week we we will examine the expected reduction in cancer 'incidence' (independently of whether death results or not) due to mass vaccination for Ireland's 8th most common female cancer.

40 years to realize a reduction in cervical cancer through mass-vax..
Dr Diane M. Harper, professor at Dartmouth Medical School in New Hampshire, has led clinical trials of the Gardasil HPV vaccine on behalf of Merck.  In this Cervical Health artical she writes: 
"At 11, these girls don't get cervical cancer - they won't know for 25 years if they will get cervical cancer".
So, after 25 years the vaccine will probably still not have prevented any cases of cervical cancer, simply because the girls will still be too young to develop it. 
She continues:
Consider the scenario in which every single 12-year-old female is vaccinated. It will take almost 40 years to realize a 50% reduction in cervical cancer incidence". 
Having to wait 25 years to see any effect in the incidence of cervical cancer, and then another 15 years after that to see a modest reduction might not seem such a good return on investment on the millions of euros in annual mass vaccination costs.   Especially during a period when cutbacks in Irish Health Service spending mean some city A&E's can no longer provide 24hr service.   
And then, consider this -  buried in Dr. Harper's article, is the following admission:
"We know that Gardasil® is an alum-based vaccine; we assume its efficacy will last for about 10 years".
So, in other words, we can expect the effectiveness of the mass vaccination shots (given to 12 year olds) to have worn off decades before the age at which a women can expect to be at risk from cervical cancer.  
This information is conveniently left out of the media 'debate' however.   
If a disinformation campaign can scare enough women into being afraid of cervical cancer through fear and disease mongering, then political expediency dictates that a government will have to go along with a mass-vax hoax, no matter how futile or unsafe.

In light of the documented deaths and serious adverse reactions from Gardasil vaccines, can this get any more absurd?  
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