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Irish media consensus -"HPV vaccine fears put to rest with safety report".

Martin Healy, ComeLook.Org, 10 October 2011

After 1 year of the HPV mass-vax program, almost 25 times the maximum expected rate of Anaphylaxis.

The Irish Medical Board (IMB) have been issuing press releases every couple of months (during the schools mass-vax program) with a descriptive summary of adverse reactions giving the running total and highlighting any serious reactions. A couple of points to highlight though - according to Irish government health authority's "Immunisation guidelines for Ireland", Anaphylaxis " is a very rare complication of immunisation (0.4-2 per million doses)"[1]. Yet after 1 year of the HPV mass-vax program, there have been 7 reported cases of immediate anaphylactic/anaphylactoid-type reactions from 145k doses administered. That comes to just over 1 in 20k, almost 25 times the maximum expected rate (according to the National Immunisation Authority's own figures).  Note we have excluded at least two cases of 'immediate swelling face' - a symptom of a sudden anaphylactic reaction - from the above '7' cases we counted.

In fact, two of these life-threathening anaphylactic reactions came from the first 17k doses administered in the first months of the 2010 schools mass-vax program (as reported by IMB on 21 Oct 2010)[3]. By way of comparison, when Canada was seeing anaphylactic reactions at the rate of 1 on 20k for the H1N1 vaccine (half the rate in Irish hpv mass vax), they stopped using that relevant batch and returned 100k doses to the manufacturer [2]. (And this was during so-called emergency 'Pandemic' conditions). 

Three weeks after this latest IMB report came out, Dr Joan Gilvarry, director of human medicines with the IMB, was quoted by the Irish Times as saying "We are not at all concerned by what we've seen. It's exactly as expected on worldwide data. The balance of risks and benefits for the vaccine remains positive". Curiously, although the Nov 2010 Irish Times article correctly reports two seizures occurred, it fails to mention the other more serious anaphylactic reactions.

There seems to be a concerted effort on the part of the media not to report on the 'A' word. For example, at the end of the first year of HPV mass-vax, the other major Irish newspaper, the Irish independent, similarly reports on the number of seizures but again omits reference to the larger number of more serious anaphlyactic reactions [4]. Omitting reference to these anaphlyactic incidents - including that of a girl unconscious with 'pulse absent'[5] - allows the anonymous Irish Independent writer to cycnically title the relevent article "HPV vaccine fears put to rest with safety report". The article states that "parents have been reasured" after the IMB had concluded that "The balance of benefits and risks for the vaccine is positive".

The latter statement implies that some kind of benefit-risk assessment has been done by IMB. However, in the case of this particular vaccine, this would be quite impossible as the benefits have not been proven, and no safety testing has been done on young girls to determine what the risks are. In addition, the EMA have admitted to the presence of genetically engineered viral DNA in the vaccine which again was never tested to determine it's potential to combine with the host human DNA. We can only say that the current process of benefit–risk assessment as practiced by the IBM relies primarily on "intuitive" judgment [6].

While Irish news-media censor the more serious reactions, the IMB itself could be accused of massaging the adverse reaction figures of the summary reports published on it's website. For example, the most recent summary report [7] states: - "A total of 416 reports of adverse events associated with use of Gardasil were notified to the IMB up to the end of June 2011.", "five reports of seizure", "six reports of anaphylactic/anaphylactoid-type reactions".  No other numbers were given for other reactions. In order to check the above stats, a "Line listing" containing "ReferenceIDs" for all adverse reaction reports (summarised in one line by date, description and recovery status) can also be requested by email from IMB. Although IMB do not publish this file on their site, they will email it out to those who request it. I did a count of all reports for "anaphylactic/anaphylactoid-type reactions" on the Line-Listing file and counted 7 (not 6). Similarly, there is evidence of 'undercounting' in the number of seizures reported. Apparently, IMB does not classify "syncope with tonic clonic movements" as a 'seizure'.

Unlike the VAERs system run by the FDA in the US, the Irish public cannot get access to anonymised adverse reaction reports (as originally reported to IMB). The actual "Line-Listings" are an interpretation of these, "translated" into more 'appropriate' medically precise language. This could, of course, leave some scope for officials who wish not to panic the public, to avoid use of certain 'trigger' keywords (such as 'seizure') during 'translation'. Or to 'manage' the flow of data onto the database. (Why not just call something a 'swelling face' instead of using the 'A' word). One parents organisation, Mother's Alliance, filed a FOI request with IMB to get access to the original 'unadulterated' reports but had their request refused: "The information you have requested is available outside the FoI Act and therefore your request has not been dealt with under the provisions of the FoI Act'. The 'Line-Listing' exercise is also apparently a crude ploy to get around the FOI act.

One Irish Medical expert who advocated for mass HPV vaccination on Irish national radio has admitted that "We, as consultants in sexual health, have been told to say nothing publicly that would damage the current (HPV) vaccine programme.."[10].

In order to justify introducing a HPV mass vaccination campaign, a government funded 'Expert Group' Report was produced by 'HIQA'. The authors of this Report cynically misrepresented their results in order to grossly exaggerate the perceived effectiveness of the vaccination. .



[3] See IMB report of 21st October 2010


[5] IMB report "Gardasil Line Listing 01.02.11 to 31.05.11.pdf". Incident-ID 2011-003711 / 14years / vax date 04-05-2011 / Analyphyactic reaction + Pallor + Pulse Absent + Syncope


[7] IMB report of IMB_Gardasil_WebUpdate_19Jul2011

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[9] Vax Dates: 15/12/10 seizure 06/03/09 convulsion 30/03/10 convulsion / eye rolling 03/12/10 grand mal convulsion 11/10/10 syncope + tonic clonic movements 14/10/10 convulsion


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